Winter 2006 Newsletter

With great pleasure, I send you this next edition of the Prisoner Express News. We receive so many letters, and finally I have the chance to answer them and share with you updates about the various programs we are sponsoring, as well as reflect back to you some of the thought provoking writing that individually you share with us. As always this newsletter is organized so that if you are new to the program you can get a sense of what is going on. Many of you have been receiving this for awhile, and I trust you can understand why I might repeat some information in each
issue of this newsletter.

For those of you receiving this for the first time, my name is Gary and I coordinate the activities of Prisoner Express. When you contact Prisoner Express to participate in one or more of our projects we automatically send you a copy of our next newsletter. For some of you this could be the first you’ve heard from us since you sent your letter of inquiry. Our mission is to provide education, information and opportunities for creative self expression to the participants of the program. I understand from your letters that for many of you prison is an isolating and alienating environment, even though it is teeming with humanity. What a contradiction! Prisoner Express seeks to nourish your intellect and spirit, by providing resources from the outside as well as putting you in touch with the writings and thoughts of others going through similar experiences as you.

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