Chapbook Update 18: Elizabeth S. Wolf

This is from the chapbook Time to Heal/ Transitions, written by James Stevahn. Mr. Stevahn resides in Arizona. The title poem is a collection of linked haibun.  This form consists of a short bit of prose poetry, followed by a haiku. It can be a very powerful way to communicate in a tight space. Here are selections from that poem.


A Time to Heal

Bi-polar disorder (Noun) A psychiatric disorder marked by alternating episodes of mania and depression. That is a fact. Here is my slice of that storm.


          A dark storm rolls in

          Then moves on; the sun comes out

          The dark storm returns.


This is a cycle that happens daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. It is a permanent part of my life.


          A volcano sounds

          anger, rage, destruction, BOOM

          rage spent, now dormant


This condition can be an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes smooth and slow; sometimes fast and rough. The only option is to hang on to the end. I use the example of storms a lot in these poems because any storm has the potential for total chaos and destruction or being a nurturing, watering, washing. So many factors can change the course and intensity of a storm. It can be very unpredictable.


          Soar high, spiral down

          no reason, season, pleasing

          no understanding


Note: At the end of 2 ½ pages Mr. Stevahn wrote: I hope this story has affected you in some way. It’s the truth. It is hard to open up sometimes, but I have and this is for you.