Chapbook Club Update 3: Elizabeth S. Wolf

I promised to share some of the poems we received as part of the chapbook project. This is the opening poem from Take Pleasure from Pain, written by Andre D Underwood. Mr. Underwood resides at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Florida. He sent a very real, insightful collection starting with his first love.


She told me that she loved me.

I was only 8 years old.

She spoke of getting married

After we were grown.

We were both living at the shelter 

The year was 2000.

She was 14-

Damn near a grown woman.


She told me I was kind.

She said that I was sweet.

She told me those were the things

That she loved most about me.

I was so young;

I was naïve.

Blinded through affection,

I could not see.


She only loved the feelings-

Kalifornia never did love me.