Program Pitch: Art ?

The arts program is led every Monday night by Krinal T., a freshman psychology major at Cornell. Below, she shares with us what the program is all about and how to get involved.

Krinal, the art program coordinator, explains the process to volunteers


What is the art program? How does it work? 

The art program provides a platform for incarcerated artists to showcase their art and share their pain, their talent, and sometimes their story with us. Every Monday, there is a mini art show set up showcasing the many different artists that send their art to us. Then, volunteers respond to the art and artists that speak to them the most. 

How do I get involved?  

Just come on down to the Alternatives library, any Monday from 5 pm to 7 pm!

What is your favorite part of this program? 

I think it’s beautiful that there is a dialogue that occurs with people who are incarcerated about their art, not their crime. How a society treats their prisoners speaks to how advanced the society is, and this program allows for these prisoners to be more than numbers and more than their crimes. They become people with stories, feelings, and talent. Seeing them as whole people, as more than their crimes, that’s what this program allows. 

Volunteer responding to a prisoner’s artwork


A range of artwork is on display every Monday evening