Winter 2019 Newsletter

This is the most recent Prisoner Express Newsletter. This document is printed and sent to over 4,000 active participants of Prisoner Express.

Letter from Gary Fine, program director

Hi, Great News! We have just published our Winter ’19 issue of Prisoner Express News. It was mailed to 4000+ prisoners a few weeks ago and now it is your turn to find out what we are up to this cycle.

We have some new projects that are sparking a lot of interest. Check out the description for three of new offerings, listed on page 4 , 

  • History of Design of Paradise
  • The Grateful Anyhow Project
  • The Book Review Project

The creativeness of our project team leaders show in developing  these thought provoking educational packets continues to impress me. The complete packets will be available this spring here on the website – but make sure you’re on our mailing list to hear about them when they are published.

We typically have between 300 and 600 prisoners sign up for each project we offer.  Other projects of note presented in the PE News include Treacy’s Artknows column.

You can also learn about the traveling  prisoner art show being developed by Cornell student Anna and a host of  student volunteers.

Also check out the new “Humans of Prison” project being curated by Agnes through our Journal program. Right now we have hundreds of students reading prisoner submissions and writing back friendly encouraging letters.

The  theme and picture writing skills of PE participants  is on display in this issue of PE news. Beginning on page 8 is a selection of some of the submissions we received in our creative writing project.  The subjects range from ” Flowers” to “Emerging From the Fog”. There is strong and heart felt emotion shared in these writings.

I hope you enjoy reading this collection of prisoner writings as well as news and updates about the Prisoner Express Program.

PDF Download of the Prisoner Express Winter 2019 Newsletter