Winter 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the world of Prisoner Express. We focus on providing incarcerated men and women with information, education, and opportunities for creative expression in a public forum. Prisoner Express is a project of the Durland Alternatives Library[DAL] located on the campus of Cornell University. DAL is about 50 years old and formed during the height of the Vietnam War when mass protests were beginning to challenge the assumptions prevailing among the governing bodies. Our collection now focuses on alternative viewpoints on subjects far ranging including politics, health, agriculture, sustainability, sexuality, race, gender, spirituality development, environment, arts, incarceration etc. You can guess that as a worker in the library I am surrounded by great books. Our library is funded by a small endowment set up by a dad to remember his daughter Anne Carry Durland who died an untimely death. My name is Gary and I work at the library and about 15 or so years ago I began this program through a single letter from Danni Harris requesting books.

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