Childhood, by Anthony Mendoza

This essay is part of the “Telling Your Story” program in which prisoners recount profound memories from different stages in their lives.

While growing up, I was raised by two wonderful, loving, and caring parents who taught me all the good and honest virtues in life. That is, the right from wrong, respect, honesty, kindness, and the best effort in everything.

I was one of four kids, the baby of the bunch. However, we all had a wonderful home with both parents that loved and cared for us dearly. They gave us everything we needed, no matter the circumstances or how hard it would be at times. When money was low, we were always content.

So no, I would not change anything about my childhood. If there is one thing, though, it’s that I wish I was more smart and humble to actually appreciate it more and value what I was given and had during those years.

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