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If you’re familiar with our program then you know that we receive hundreds of letters every month from people incarcerated throughout the U.S. I’m not exaggerating… hundreds. In fact, most of these letters include artwork, poetry, essays, journal entries, and other types of expression.

Those are the main categories though, and thus they are the categories of our blog. You’ll see the program pages in the menu of this site – and you’ll also find the category along with each post.

Here’s the exciting part. We’re curating some of the best content and publishing it every week. We’re sharing it to social media as well so that we can break the silence and the invisibility of prisoners.

An unintended and yet fortunate part of our name Prisoner Express, is the word “express” – and we’ve started to understand that a big part of our mission is providing the venue for that. We hear over and over from participants in our programs that it’s the ability to express oneself and know that you’re being heard that makes all the difference.

This is especially true for some of our members who are in solitary confinement, and completely unable to connect with anyone.

If you’re reading this then it means you’re on our blog, or our email list, or maybe social media. It means that you’re able to connect with content instantly. For the members of our program, communication and expression happens in slow motion through the mail. They check boxes in our print newsletter to set their preferences on what kind of content they’d like to receive. Sometimes the books are on hold until we are able to secure the funds for postage. This is just the way it is right now.

Prisons are designed to isolate.  Organizations like us depend on your attention, and your contributions (postage mostly) to help ease this isolation and create the conditions for healing.

So anyways, stay tuned, and make sure to follow us on

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