“I’m Here,” by William Spaulding

My poem is about my mom. I was in prison and lost her to an overdose. She was my best friend and for the longest time I felt like my life was over. I am an impulsive writer and one morning I woke up and grabbed the pen and paper and wrote this poem. I really feel like it’s a conversation from my heart.

-William Spaulding

I’m Here

I’ve spent most my life behind bars, it’s been a life filled with pain.
Behind these walls I’ve looked out, but seen nothing but rain.
I’ve lost loved ones too early, my heart’s taken shots way too often
But my heart’s built like a soldier, or I’d already be lying in a coffin.
So much pain lives inside me, most days I don’t want to wake
Because I’m paying with my freedom, for all of my mistakes.
I’ve thought about ending it, at times I’ve held razors to my wrists
But then I always hear this voice; it sounds something like this,
“You have so much more to live for, please don’t end it this way.
If you have that strength now, you will see brighter days.
I’ve never really left you, even though I’m not here in the flesh.
Just look inside you, and I hope that it helps.
I’ll always have your back, I’m your Guardian Angel
So I know this as a fact. I pray that what I say saves you.
When you think about me, smile, please never start to cry.
And when you talk about me don’t look down, I’m up here in the sky.
Be confident I’ve made it, the Gods gave me this chance,
So stay strong and be brave and when you’re in need I’ll hold your hand.
If you ever seem to need me, just look into your heart
Because that’s where you’ll find me, and I know that life’s hard.
You have so much more to live for, so please don’t end it this way,
Because I’m your mom and I love you and we’ll meet again someday.