P.E Survey 2016

Hello all! In an initiative to become a more self aware and purposeful organization, the Prisoner Express program has created a written response section titled the Prisoner Express Arts Culture Enrichment Survey, to our Summer 2016 Newsletter. We hoped that with its implementation, we could learn more about our members and give them a space for feedback about the PE program overall.

As a new facet of the Prisoner Express newsletter, our survey component has already received an overwhelming amount of thoughtful responses from corespondents within the program! We are all both elated and appreciative of the many responses sent in to us, and aim to use this information to help influence how we implement our programs.

In addition, keep on the lookout for posts pertaining to survey responses so that you can hear some of interesting, insightful and sometimes humorous things our correspondents have to say! Thanks for keeping up with us.

-Prisoner Express