Ocie O. Wright, October 27th, 2013

I wish for so much more than my present situation. I wish for a future with bright days. I wish for old memories to be future plans. I wish for those long nights of conversations of dreams to come true. I wish for your hand in mine as we walk the beach. I wish for your head laid on my chest, still as I wake up. I wish for those yells, screams and arguments. I wish for your small hands to sweat on my palms as we stroll down the street. I dream of time going back to when you was there and my heart didn’t have to worry about the realness of life. Yet I don’t have three wishes or the freedom to dream all I have is reality and all I can bring to the table! But I do wish one more thing and it may not seem much but I wish I had love from someone other than a dream!

I’m simple in so many ways but to the world I live in dreams of being normal (loved by someone real) of wishing for dreams to be true is the normal thing: dreaming of a life where your freedom isn’t based on someone else’s choices or decisions where your economic living situation isn’t based on jobs randomly given out or on a sliding pay scale, where my freedom isn’t based on people who don’t know me or understand the choices I have to make on a daily basis just to stay out of trouble or survive without becoming a target by my peers or even worse the people in charge of these visiting centers (prison). It’s a daily struggle to walk a line of moral choices without compromising a piece of pride or self-esteem, those in charge can’t see or refuse to recognize the hierarchy we must deal with on a regular basis. But in doing so they then only allow us two choices — to wish they can see our lives from our view point of limited choices and decisions or to dream of what was or could have been as wishes that can’t be granted. “I dream of a wish of dreams filled with wishes.”