J.S. Slaymaker, March 7th and 9th, 2013


These clowns have some witch doctor (i.e. psychologist) walk around every so often to ask us if we’re okay. They can care less one way or another; it’s just for their own paperwork. You say “yep” and they’re on their way. I wouldn’t really actually discuss anything with them anyway, and certainly not at my fucking door in front of the cops and anyone else who is listening. Besides, if I was to hop up and say, “I’ve been locked up for 21 years […], being kept in this little cell and treated like a cow has me so fucking angry,” they would just smile and tell me to put in an I-60 form or something equally stupid.

Monsters are being created in these places; modern day Frankensteins.


Mom came to see me today. We had a good time and lots of laughs – as usual. The older I get the more I like her and the more I appreciate her. We fought like Tom & Jerry when I was a kid. I always felt like she was trying to fuck me over. I realize now that she was being my friend even when it seemed otherwise. She had a tough time back then, and I didn’t make things any easier. I remember her working three jobs and still we didn’t have any money. Sometimes there wouldn’t be anything to eat. I remember going to Montgomery Ward to buy a load of candy when there wasn’t anything in the house to eat. We didn’t have any money to buy any but she had great credit. She always managed to pull us through.