Sonny Reeves, September 29th, 2012

Dear Journal,

I’m not sure how all of this works, but I would like to become involved in your program. Guess I can start with my name, which is Sonny, and I am 39 years old. They give out a lot of time in Texas, especially if you make ‘em angry. This is my third time in prison for doing stupid things (stealing cars, escaping outta jail, etc.). Way back on Christmas Eve of 2003, I jumped off the roof of the jail and tried to get away. I didn’t make it 50 yards and they had me. Didn’t hurt anyone, or hold any hostages, and have never done anything violent. Guess how much time they gave me for trying to escape? 77 years! They filed “habitual criminal,” and wouldn’t make me an offer, so I had no choice but to go in front of a jury. Needless to say, they didn’t make me look like the altar boy I once was.

I’ve been locked up almost nine years. I just came up for parole for the third time and they gave me another year set-off. That’s the only good thing about the 77 years… it’s non-aggravated. So, I come up every year now. Maybe they will let me go next year because I don’t get in any trouble, and I’m really and truthfully an alright guy. No joke. I just have the worst luck. If I try to steal a piece of bubble gum I’d get caught.