Robert Scherrer, September 2nd, 2013

Soccer yesterday. OK, here goes my day in a nutshell. 4:30 I wake-up, wash-up, brush teeth, put on water for coffee. Roll up my mattress, sit & drink my coffee, use toilet, pick up everything off the floor & sweep & mop the cell. If it’s the weekend I do this after breakfast and wipe all the walls & ceiling down, along with my celly’s TV & clean my fan. After I clean the sink I shave my head & face. Then I sit down & write in my journal, do some crossword puzzles or read. I usually try to do something constructive for the ½ hour after I do the chores & breakfast. After chow Mon- Fri I go to voc. I do book work & work on small engines. Last week I put a lift kit on a trailer to make enough clearance for bigger tires. It turned out pretty good. If I’m healthy I work out at 10 am – 10:30. After lunch we work on stuff. I sometimes sabotage an engine or two to have these guys trouble-shoot. We get off of work at 1:45 when I get to the yard I play soccer, go in at 2:30 if we have dayroom so I can shower. If not I go in at 3:30 & get a worker’s shower. Or I just bird-bath. I’ll do some prep work. That’s the self-help course I’m doing to try to learn to be a better person. One is an anger-management one is a self-development-self-help. I like them, I’m learning a lot about myself, it’s helping me to discover my downfalls & defects. So, after dinner I watch TV & bullshit. I go to bed about 8:30 – 9:30, depending on how tired I am obviously.

On the weekends I don’t go to work. So I come home from chow and clean the house real good. I have the house all to myself so I can take my time & do it at my leisure. Sometimes I’ll take advantage of being alone & get naked for a while. ☺ Then, I read, write or something. AM yard. Soccer. Come back and bird-bath. I don’t go to dayroom. I don’t use the phone as much as I did now that Mona’s gone. So, since I don’t use it I don’t go to dayroom, keeps me out of trouble. Don’t like to be around all these weirdos. So, if it’s afternoon yard, same thing. Soccer till 3:00. Then I pre-shower on the yard, come in and finish with a bird-bath. Then, lounge. Watch TV. So that’s pretty much how I do things. It’s not very exciting the way I live. I like it like that.