Martin Gonzalez, July 9th, 2013

Time: 6:10am

It’s day two of our hunger strike and once again we are being “cell fed” (for those of us accepting meals). Most of the building is still refusing their meals and I just seen on the news that 30,000 inmates are participating in this hunger strike. That’s more than I expected and probably less than the number that are actually participating. CDCR tends to under-report, nonetheless that has to be a world record! Last night they “cell fed” too, so now my out of cell time has been zero!! I’m stuck in my cell 24 hours a day now. Even in Ad. Seg. (the hole) you get about 10 hours a week of out of cell time (yard). Even if it’s in the “dog cages” at least you get out of the cell for a little while. I hope this isn’t going to be my program throughout the duration of the hunger strike. It’s like I didn’t even get out of the hole cause my program is still restricted. In fact it’s even more restricted and this is supposed to be a level 3?! I know I shouldn’t complain but for those of you who have never experienced hunger, the first days are always the hardest. If I tend to sound a little grumpy it is the hunger talking. I’ll be good after the first week, once my body gets used to my liquid diet and starts feeding off my fat reserves it becomes a mind thing. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. I don’t know how many days this hunger strike is going to last but I’ll be going the distance.