Jason Menchaca 3-22-13, 3-25-13


Here it is Friday, and I thought by now I’d get my passover kit by now.  The pass over starts for me on the twenty fifth.  It’s crazy how our unit chaplin is supposed to encourage religion to the inmates.  But, every one that I’ve come across are racist towards other religions but their own.  What gives with that?  How can we really rehabilitate ourselves if we are short stopped at every corner by a prison system that is supposed to help rehabilitate us?


At sunset today starts the passover.  I’ve only started to practice my faith with little understanding of what actually to do.  But, as I try to understand the theology of it, I’m trying to come closer to who I am.  I know for myself that I need something positive in my life to keep me from falling victim to endless hours of silence and supposed love from those I call friends and family.  I can’t lie and say their silence doesn’t hurt.  It does!  But, I can’t let that dictate my life.  I have to move on.  So if I can find comfort in my faith, so be it.

It’s crazy, how life works.  As I was writing these fie lines, the volunteer that comes to the unit for the services we have on SHABBAT just came to the door and delivered the passover kit I ordered.  It consists of two small bottles of grape juices and one box of Matzah.  And here I thought that I wouldn’t have any help in celebrating the passover.  It makes me really think?