Summer 2013 Newsletter

Prisoner Express is a project of the Durland Alternatives Library, which is a small library located on the Cornell University campus. The library is free and open to all, and as part of our programming we open our doors to all of you through the PE program. When you write and share your interests with us, it helps us understand what programs would be interesting and meaningful to you. As the PE program evolves our aim is to create projects that are absorbing, and meaningful. Our projects also focus on improving communication. Most prisons don’t provide you with much in the way of educational programming. By participating in our programs, besides having some fun, you will improve your communication skills. You will also engage your brain in learning. Learning new things can keep life fresh. I understand that prison can be a harsh environment, and we want you to know you are not forgotten, and there are folks here wishing the best for you.

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