Davell Galloway, January 4, 2013 12:00am

I would like for someone to do a study on the effects of incarceration.  How does it rehabilitate a person who has been totally cut off from society.  Family ties severed.  No mail.  No visits.  And no phone conversations.  No therapist to talk to.  Very few educational opportunities.  It’s a recipe for failure in so many areas of a persons life.  It limits a persons ability to find employment.  it’s damaging socially.  Your financial status plays a major role in the sort of women you attract. When you’re struggling financially it says all kinds of things about you besides you falling on hard times.  It doesn’t mention if the opportunity present itself you’ll move with intelligent aggression and capitalize on it.  That you are strong enough to handle.  A lot more than some who’ve always had it easy.  That you are emotionally mature.  And truly comprehend accepting a person as they are not the idea of how a person is in our imagination.  or how much pleasure you get from simple things like reading or talking while walking.