“Frozen Sunrise,” by Bryan Kim

Frozen Sunrise
By Bryan Kim #315649

1313 N 13 Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

My breath clouds the chilly winter air,
In the indigo world that exists in that precious
Moment before the sun breaks the horizon.

I can feel the icy tentacles of cold invading my
Toes and fingers.
A silver of ocher sunlight stains the icicles the
Razor wire red,
A macabre prophecy for any foolish enough to approach.

The clouds and snow drifters dress themselves in
Oranges , violets, and greens,
In preparation of the storm that is certain to come before nightfall.
Eventually that great sphere of flame clears the horizons
Forcing me to turn from the sight.

The blue after-images burned into my retina
Are the only things not blurred by my tears.
I try to blink them away and find the crystals frozen to my eyelashes.
Plucking them away with numb fingers brings pain
That clears my head.

I resume walking the quarter mile circle,
The perimeter of my cage with one last glance at
The now empty horizon.