Dustin McMillan, November 28 2012

11-28-12 Dustin McMillan journal excerpt.

Hello, I’ll start this journal off by introducing myself a little.  My name is Dustin McMillan I’m 27 yrs old and currently incarcerated in a Texas prison.

Being in prison is a weird experience that changes one’s way of thinking and how they deal with life.  I have never kept a journal so really dont know what to say so i hope you all reading this dont judge me to harshly but i do want to give prisoner express a big thank you for this chance.

I’m hoping keeping a journal will help me with my social skills and to open up a little.  I’ve been locked up for 10 years this time I’ve also did time off and on as a juvenile growing up.  I’ve been through juvenile detention centers, juvenile rehabs, a boys home, just to name some.  One way that having done some of these things effected me is in a negative way its hard for me to talk or open myself up to people I dont know or ever meet.  Maybe that is a normal reaction but I guess I can write this journal like im talking to myself, ha ha ha, I hope nobody thinks thats crazy.

Thanksgiving day has just past.  The turkey was good as well as the little desert we were gave, its not every day we’re feed stuff like that.  The food situation in prison can be a major drag at times.  But I know what your thinking, prison food shouldnt be good, prison shouldnt be a place one enjoys.  I understand we’re incarcerated for the crimes we committed but we’re still human and should have at least some rights.




  1. jocelyn on May 4, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    whoo are you did u grow up in canada