“At Lincoln’s Feet,” by Leslie Samuel Charles Amison

At Lincoln’s Feet

By Leslie Samuel Charles Amison #BL2372


Rockview State Prison,

Bellefonte, PA 16823


I am at Lincoln’s feet;

But I am everywhere.

I burn by my own energy.

I light up that memorial–


I look at my own slavery;

And I see the protesting gesture.


Then, I burn and burn–


To the very essence of being.

They say, I am a child.

But I am the gesture of all poets,

The very center

Of the globular word.


Take my protest and live by it.


To the last hungry reader

Willing to take us out of bondage.


For we are light.

Gone for journeys no others would dare.

Sparkling and Fuming

To the last breath that consumes us all.