Gerald Proper, January 1, 2012

7:21 Pm

Well, it has been a long day. One of the longer ones I have experienced in the last 22 New Years days. Pity? No! Realization. As I write this journal entry I am tired, mentally, physically and spiritually. I looked into the mirror today to shave and saw the dark circles that sum up the harder years I have spent in prison. I look at the slight graying in my hair, a reminder of the wisdom I have been alive long enough to gather. I notice how the hypothyroidism has thinned my hair and eyebrows. And I thought prison was supposed to preserve a man? (:

But you know in a rather strange way I am happy for what I have, which is relative health a family that loves me a warm place to sleep and food. Maybe happy is the wrong word let’s try grateful.

I have been off of work at my prison job in the Boot Factory here at the Bill Clemens Unit we have been off since 12-22-11. And I am getting quite bored. I have been working at the Boot Factory for 10 years now where I operate a Desma shoe making machine.

This is my first entry of a journal that I know some will read, so I am trying to be as honest as I can with my true feelings about what is going on in my life here. I have kept a journal before but knew it was private so I really let it out which I plan to do with this journal but I have to remind myself that this is no different than my other journal. Well I’ll close for now, and write tomorrow.