Journal December 5, 2011

Derek Bailey

Monday, Dec 5, 2011

Well, they say there’s a first time for everything.  I suppose it’s true.  As this being the first to write a journal of my life for everyone to see.

What do I write?  Anything?  Do I write to myself or to others?  After all, everything I write are my thoughts.

Being individuals outside this prison will read this I’ll start off with tidbits.

Having done almost 8 ½ years locked up.  I’m thankful for what I have learned.  Not only about myself, but about others.  I see things in people, here in prison, that I don’t get.  How can a grown man, in a grown man’s prison, act like an eight or nine year old kid.  In fact, there are very few adults who take responsibility for their actions in this place.  It is sad to say that from my viewpoint, many will be back.

Through this, I have learned to accept my mistakes and have learned from them.  Changing the way I think has been a long, difficult road.  Yet I find the more I desire to change and become the opposite of who I was, the easier it is to be resentful towards those who don’t.  Hatred! Not good!

Though it’s time to close for now, I leave this thought:  If change were easy, then the suffering wouldn’t shape us.