Summer 2012 Newsletter

For those of you who are new to the program I’d like to give a short history as well as a present update so you understand what we are trying to do and what resources we have to share with you. PE is a project of the Durland Alternatives Library. My name is Gary and I work in the library. Eleven years ago I received a letter from Danny Harris asking for books. Danny is an excellent writer, and even though the library never sent books to prisoners, I was moved by his eloquence and sent him some books. He clearly let me know how that small act meant a great deal to him. His words were inspiring, and I started a book mailing program from a small basement room of the library. As the number of requests grew it became hard to keep the personal contact with individuals, yet I did not want to limit who could participate in the program. We began a theme writing project. I would suggest a topic and if you wrote something on the subject I would mail a copy of everyone’s writing to all the participants.

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