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Thousands of Prisoner Express Newsletters Are Out For Delivery

By Ryan Clover | March 29, 2018

Twice a year our library does a newsletter mailing to 4,000+ prisoners who’ve signed up in one way or another. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get it via email, and learn more about how we use the newsletter to foster the exchange of ideas and creative expression through otherwise insurmountable barriers. Our newsletter…

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Art Made Entirely From Prison Coffee

By Ryan Clover | December 12, 2017

In 2018 we’re hosting an art show at Gimme Coffee which features art made entirely from prison coffee. Hundreds of people have participated in our art programs over the years, and this is the latest show put on by Prisoner Express. In this Video, Gary shows a couple of the pieces.

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New Jim Crow book club with prisoners

The book requests are coming in… the New Jim Crow book club

By Ryan Clover | October 20, 2017

Quick update : the letters are coming in! Last month we invited over 3,000 prisoners to join a book club reading of The New Jim Crow – here’s some of the responses that have already come in. Click on the letter below to read it. What’s next: We’re allowing time for more people to join…

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Song Writing by Mail – 40 Prisoners Create “Pick It Up”

By Ryan Clover | September 1, 2017

Songstress Kathy Ziegler created a song writing program with Prisoner Express – weaving together the lyrics contributed by 40 different prisoners, all through mail correspondence. Listen here, and read the story of this program. Listen here.

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Now Publishing Weekly – Follow us for the latest content

By Ryan Clover | August 24, 2017

If you’re familiar with our program then you know that we receive hundreds of letters every month from people incarcerated throughout the U.S. I’m not exaggerating… hundreds. In fact, most of these letters include artwork, poetry, essays, journal entries, and other types of expression. Those are the main categories though, and thus they are the…

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