Prisoner Express News & Updates

Winter 2006 Newsletter

By Rachael Smith | January 2, 2006

With great pleasure, I send you this next edition of the Prisoner Express News. We receive so many letters, and finally I have the chance to answer them and share with you updates about the various programs we are sponsoring, as well as reflect back to you some of the thought provoking writing that individually…

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Summer 2005 Newsletter

By Rachael Smith | June 2, 2005

Hi all, It is with much pleasure that I start this next newsletter for Prisoner Express. I get so many letters from you, and this gives me a chance to respond. I know it probably seems rude to you at times that you write some very interesting letters, and then do not hear back. Time…

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Winter 2005 Newsletter

By Rachael Smith | January 2, 2005

Hello to you all, I send you season’s greetings and best wishes. As the year 2005 opens I have a lot to be thankful for, and my correspondence with you is a part of that. I cannot answer your letters individually as there are too many and I don’t have the time or resources to…

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Summer 2004 Newsletter

By Rachael Smith | June 2, 2004

Hi, I want to catch you up on what is happening with the Prisoner Express program. This newsletter is going to the 1000+ inmates who take part in this program. Some of you have been participating for awhile while others are just getting acquainted with it. We get so many letters asking about services, and…

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Winter 2004 Newsletter

By Rachael Smith | January 2, 2004

HELLO AND WELCOME: I hope you are well. First let me say that we have come up with a name for the program—PRISONER EXPRESS—a program made of many projects including the newsletter. This is the second mass mailing we’ve done for all the inmates who are taking part in our ongoing programs. The newsletter gives…

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