Our work changes lives.

Prisoner Express promotes rehabilitation through arts, creative writing and education. Our program also provides a means for prisoners to connect with the outside world by sharing their voices and stories to the public.

We provide a variety of educational and creative programs to inmates to 49 states in the US, and provides the educational tools and creative outlets prisoners need to cope in their environment. Studies have shown that prison education programs reduces rates of recidivism, and improving mental health in prisoners.

We feel our impact when we read letters from inmates in participating in our programs.

Testimonials About Prisoner Express


“Every great and wondrous idea that brought about change in our world began with writing. Alphabets, The Constitution, poetry, and more. Writing is the ultimate means to great changes in our society, and the people in it. Don’t just ask criminals to change; help them by giving them tools to write their own, better, future. I am a new man because of this program. Thank you.” —Brandon Rushing #1525692


“I’m glad I found this program. I have yet to find any other program that keeps an inmate’s mind actively involved in positive educational program such as yours...We still breathe the same air as everybody else. We still share the same passions, we have dreams, and family and friends who love us despite our flaws. Prisoner Express gave to me what I didn’t have before: a voice.” —Paul Shamonsky #C05592


“Thank you for all you do to help the dreams of prisoners take flight. My dream was to let my mother see my stories in print. My dream has taken flight! Thank you, Prisoner Express!” —Matthew Tomlinson #1143994


“I received the latest copy of the Poetry Anthology and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh as I read the poems. And then, I read my own poem.” —King Modest


“We are trapped in a place where intellect, intelligence, and expressive freedom are virtually non-existent. Your effort allows me the freedom to rise above the ignorance and I can’t thank you enough for this” —Robert Cooke #F71267


“I like to read for many different reasons and one is to learn something new that I know will help me after prison. Reading also helps me “leave” prison when I read something new and interesting.” —Eduardo Enriquez #D50895


“Thank you for your efforts to give the marginalized a voice. We prisoners acutely feel our sub-human status. You provide a human link to the mind and soul.” —John McGarry #04345 049


“I am a believer there is nothing more important in this world than compassion. My Christmas this year was darker than most. The newsletter you sent me was a much needed bright spot in my world.” —Chris Shirley #712351


“I want to really thank you guys for being there and doing what you do, it gives us an outlet we wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere” —Dawn Thelatcher


“I believe this is the best program I have found in prison” —Tyler Toomay


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