Prisoner Express Art Programs

Our art program is led by Treacy Ziegler. Along with volunteers Treacy offers art instruction and insights for the hundreds of men and women who participate.

For the past seven years we've held a Prisoner Express art exhibition at Cornell University with art created in this program. Some of our more inspired projects include an animated film created by prisoners to tell a story about a moth on its flight to freedom.

Another exhibit featured a 6 x 9 foot poster of the Mona Lisa created by compiling the work of 50+ prison artists around the country.

Treacy continues to impress us all with new creative ways to reach into prisons and inspire the artists within.

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Moth and Light from Jack Weisman on Vimeo.

This animation was created by 33 individuals incarcerated in the United State prison system. Many of these prisoners have been living in solitary confinement for years. Their major linked to the world is through letters and drawings.

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